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Natural Health Practitioner & Polarity Therapy Teacher
Personal & Spiritual Development Coach, Business Coach

Creating Real Life Transformations

I have had many exceptional personal and professional experiences, both good and bad.  It has made me who I am.  My past and present experiences are the reason why I do what I do now.   I am committed and inspired to educate and empower others find their own sense of wellbeing, health, life path & purpose. 

I've achieved great things, had some absolutely amazing experiences, I've also made some embarrassing and sometimes down right dangerous choices in life!  but amongst all the adversity, one thing I can say is that I never gave up.  I know what it is like to be less than inspired in life, have experienced health issues, drifting along without purpose and feeling unhappy and anxious.  

But, I did something about my situation and along the way healed my body, mind and emotions and through that I learned, gathered in strength, authenticity and integrity. 

I work within a different paradigm from the norm and I offer a portfolio of skills including; business and personal coaching, polarity treatment therapy, spiritual guidance and teaching the method that I use.   My skill is being able to see right through to the core of the issue and help you 'clear your clutter', redefine who you are, relieve pain in your body, mind and emotions, support through stressful times in life. In essence, I specialise in moving and activating energy that has become disturbed in your body, mind & emotions so you can create balance and health in your life.

I have been doing what I love to do for 18 plus years. I love to work with people who have personal health issues, who are perhaps seeking a different way in life who are on a personal or spiritual development journey.  I teach the polarity therapy method to others.   I am not easy to define!

In a nutshell, I help people get well, I guide and educate people find a happier, healthy life, I help successful people find new ways to raise their game and take themselves and their business to the next level and teach others to become practitioners in their own right.

If I resonate with you I would love to hear from you.

What My Clients say

"Jane Seaman and her course of Polarity Therapy have had huge impact on me, my career, wellbeing and relationships.

I have met Jane two years ago and have drawn on her expertise as a Spa Consultant when moving the business forward as well as in improvement of daily operations.
I have subsequently had the privilege to take part in Jane's Polarity Therapy course. This is the field where Jane excels as a teacher, from which she draws her uniqueness. She has a way of solving the toughest business challenges, developing teams, getting people on board. But what makes her truly different is her way of naturally blending in, her objectivity and her insight into the human condition. Jane is an outstanding asset as a business consultant and as a teacher. 

If you know where you are heading but need fine tuning of ideas, if you want to improve your health, if you need to make bigger changes in life and feel that help is needed, make contact with Jane".

​Petra Vojnova, Manager, Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Wentworth Golf & Country Club​

"Jane's affable nature and ability to see the big picture whilst understanding the detail made employing Jane as a coach and a consultant the obvious choice to assist me in planning and agreeing the way forward as we reached a crossroads in the evolution of the Spa at a Private Members Club.  Jane's task was to review the current business, processes and service provision and the complexities that this business bought to the table.  Jane was able to quickly identify where her time was best focused, and the short and medium term changes, which in turn would improve the quality of the overall experience of users alongside the creation of a more harmonious working team.  Jane implemented pragmatic solutions to complex challenges, she is a wonderful mentor who team members both respect and trust.  Jane's creativity also lent itself to developing a new brand within a brand without compromising the overall look, feel and brand values.

​However, without a doubt Jane's greatest asset is her ability to understand people and tune into practical changes that enable willing individuals to improve the quality of their lives and in consequence their productivity in the workplace.

​I feel privileged to have enjoyed having worked with Jane whose mature, sensitive integrity has bought a new dimension of added strength to the success of the club". 

Judy Maycock, Tennis, Health & Spa Director, Wentworth Golf & Country Club​

The Cocktail

It’s a strange sensation
Being shaken and stirred
My body was a cocktail
Listened to, and heard.
Relaxed totally through and through.
Jane connects you with YOU.

Fiona Mobbs, Style Consultant & Poet 
"Today I had another Polarity Session with Jane. I have been having regular sessions for about 9 months and find them very helpful both for mental wellness and help with my back problems, digestion and general well being. Can't wait for my next session. Jane has the ability to make you feel so relaxed and I come out of the sessions floating. Thank you Jane.

Jennie Davies, Lymington

"After my session with you yesterday my knee has been so much better.   It was not nearly as painful last night and today I walked round Wilverley Enclosure - over 2 miles and it was a bit sore at the time but now feels almost pain free.  Well done!"  

Jenny, Lymington 

"I have been seeing Jane for polarity treatment for about a year on and off.  I'm not quite sure what she does but the results are amazing! 
She has helped control my hot flushes, back pain and my stress levels. 
I have recently given up smoking and she has been helping my body cope with the loss of nicotine. 
I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her".

Maria Nelson, Lymington​​